The New 52 Round-up – Third and final part

So,I’ve now finished reading all the new number ones of the DC 52 relaunch. There wasn’t any big stand out comic or comics in this bunch, so it’s just a bunch of smaller mentions:

Legion of Superheroes – while the cover art was nicer, in my opinion, than the actual comic art, the comic was a lot better than Legion Lost. It was a lot more coherent for me to follow, and more interesting.
Men of War – looked like a gun nut comic and didn’t fail to deliver on that front. Awash with gun jargon, numbers, and gun masturbation…I get the feeling I’m not who this comic is aimed at, I think I would have to be an under-age Call of Duty fan to care about this stuff.
Omac – So there’s a big blue mullet-ed thing and monsters called Gobblers….and a giant eye…weird…
Redhood & The Outlaws – Not that impressive now that I’ve gotten around to reading it. I don’t mean the Starfire thing (that’s a whole thing to write about in and of itself), just the comic in general wasn’t particularly interesting.
Static Shock – I get the feeling it was going for a young under appreciated Spider Man thing, but the main character isn’t that great and the art doesn’t do it for me.
Suicide Squad – seemed desperate to reveal in it’s edgy torture of bad guys. Not really a fan of torture myself. Harley Quinn is the only stand out character and probably isn’t going to be enough to carry the whole comic.
Superman – I feel sorry for Superman, but I’m guessing that’s the point? All that fighting and Lois is doing some dude…Anyway, the comic was interesting, though in the end I may prefer Action Comics.
Teen Titans – wasn’t too bad, it’ll be interesting to see how the story progresses with Superboy.
Voodoo – was actually quite interesting. For all the naked ladies and boob-age going on, she (I assume she?) turns into a big green ugly thing to kill some sleazy secret agent dude. Her character was a bit weird, and I’m not sure (knowing nothing about the character) if Voodoo is evil or not.
And finally, Catwoman – because I totally forgot to mention it. I liked it, for all that it and Voodoo have been swept up in the furore surrounding Redhood & The Outlaws (neither of which deserve to be included in the same category) , it was good – Catwoman was dangerous and flirty, and has always been shagging Batman (don’t be so prudish against real adult relationships, people).

So, after getting through all of these number ones, the comics I was initially interested in (Batgirl, Detective Comics, Batwoman, Batman & Robin, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, and Batman) have all pretty much impressed me enough for me to keep buying them for a while at least, though I may end up dropping the Bat ones excluding Detective Comics . But has this trawl through the rest of the new 52 made me interested in keeping up with any others? I definitely liked DC Presents Dead Man and Justice League Dark enough to keep with them, but a lot of other comics haven’t really done enough to keep my interested, and others yet were just plain bad.

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