Assassin’s Creed: (& the complete lack of) Revelations

So (I should really get out of the habit of starting articles with so), I recently rented and finished Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. In a lot of ways it was a bit of a try before buying decision – we’ve played all the Assassin’s Creeds so far. But luckily (or unluckily?) the game turned out to be not worth playing…really, really not worth playing.

Just a small warning: there are going to be some series spoilers. But chances are you either already know because you’ve played the game or couldn’t care less.

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Just Dance – Review and Comparison

So, thanks to having a LoveFilm subscription I can enjoy renting games that I don’t really want to buy – either in case they turn out to be a waste of money, or because it’s a game I mostly want to try rather than keep. The ‘Just Dance’ games fall into the latter category. So, here’s a short look at them.

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