July 10, 2017 at 07:55PM

My latest GlossyBox unboxing is now live on YouTube (check out my profile for the link!) It’s five cute items including a Cutebalms Macaroon lip balm and super pretty Spectrum brush. Loving the box too.

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Not dead, just busy!

So little life update, we’ve been very busy and stressed with lots of different things recently. My other half was made redundant which sucks, and then started a new job! We had a lot of different things to do to in quite succession: my brothers wedding, a get together of some friends moving away from the UK, celebratory dinners for finishing exams for other people in the fam fam. So the website has gotten a little left by the wayside, despite the fact that videos have in fact still been being produced, both on my StudiousOctopus beauty YouTube, and the And So Begins gaming YouTube that I’m part of!

So here’s a few of my recent Beauty Videos:

And as a nice catch up on And So Begins, we’ve been playing…


Near Death…

And other good stuff!

So, now that all that hectic-ness is over and done with, hopfully I’ll be back to more regular website maintenance. Until Next Time!