Studious Octopus is the personal website of Michaela Shannon; uk based writer, artist, gamer, eternal student, and lover of cats.

Cats in hats.

Nom nom nom.

Why Studious Octopus?

Michaela’s pet plushie is an Octopus named Squiddy, liberated from the aquarium in Seattle, WA in America. He looks good in glasses. Studious Octopus is also the name of our band in Rock Band (the video game), and is an awesome name.

More about Michaela

Michaela is a thirty something cephalopod, or a 30 year old English chick with too much time on her hands. She enjoys reading, writing, drinking tea, and video games, particularly story driven ones, or horror. Places frequented: Twitter, DeviantArt, YouTube, Tumblr, and finally Steam.

Other people in Michaela Life

Peter – boyfriend and awesome Tech Wizard of Michaela, Peter also enjoys video games and cats. He maintains the website And so begins… , and our gaming YouTube. You can check out an archive of his older stuff at Peter Reviews!

Siouxsie-Sioux – awesome cat of Michaela and Peter. She loves attention far too much, is very pretty and entirely crazy.

Squiddy – Plush teddy of an Octopus and inspiration for the name ‘Studious Octopus’. Is Orange and very big.

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