November 2016 UK GlossyBox and Catch Up!

I thought I’d posted the November GlossyBox video, and it turns out I hadn’t! Bleugh! So here it is…

I had such high hopes – look at my smiling, hopeful face! Sadly, I think a lot of the items in this box, while not awful, were not super wow. Highlight of the box was the brush, so soft, such blending!

Next up is the neat “pick your look” Sugar or Spice December box, and I’ve already picked December – totally looking forward to that, and it should be here soon, since GB is always pretty early in December (otherwise no one would get it around the Christmas shipping dates >.<)

Until Next Time!

November 20, 2016 at 05:54PM

Trying the SKIN111 mask out this evening from the November UK GlossyBox 🙂 it’s a gold hued, single use, none-fabric style sheet mask – like a squid texture, not necessarily a bad thing! It came with plastic sheeting on either side and a little spare goo to pat on inside the sachet.
I would say the face proportions don’t feel quite right for me, and it does slip down a bit much. :/ so not the best fit, will have to see if the goo mix is good for my face at least!
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November 14, 2016 at 08:39PM

:p Tried one of the new (or new for me at least) Boots sheet masks recently. It was there fancy Super Hyaluronic mask, which I picked up for just £2 though I think it’s regular RRP is £2. 50. It’s a fabric style sheet mask rather than the weird solid jelly/squid texture and is definitely packed with awesome squishy gel goodness, loads on the mask itself and plenty left in the packet to squeeze out and pat on. Really, really impressed – very comparable experience to the £10 Starskin mask from my GlossyBox a while back. Will definitely have to get more!
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November 11, 2016 at 11:44AM

My latest GlossyBox – the November UK edition! :p It contained five full size items – a makeup brush from Ruby Professional, a face mask from 111SKIN, a trio of disposable razors from Wilkinsons Sword, an eye shadow pencil from De Bruyere Beaute, and a set of lashes from KISS. Also not pictured here a cute little chocolate Raffaello – which I already ate and was delicious ;). Total box value came to a really nice £51.13 and you can check out the unboxing over on YouTube! (link in my profile). #glossybox #glossyboxuk #unboxing #beauty #subscriptionbox #rubyprofessional #111skin #wilkinsonsword #debruyere #debruyerebeaute #kiss #kisslashes via Instagram