Final Game of the Year post: Mass Effect 2 & Red Dead Redemption

All these posts about the current Game of the Year (L.A. Noire, if you didn’t see) has made me think about last year’s Game of the Year as well. I didn’t write a GotY post last year – my website was still relatively new and I didn’t really post that much on it. But I can talk about it now.

And just a little warning! This whole post will probably seem very angry, unjustified, and ranty. It’s my opinion, and whilst I would only hold it if I thought I was right – that doesn’t mean you need to take me seriously or get offended or anything. You’re allowed to not agree with me and have terrible taste in video games.

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Post-Game of the Year…Post.

So, one of the two things I left off from my Tentacle-y Game of the Year post was a lot of detail about why the other contenders didn’t get a mention! I’m going to talk about why each game didn’t make it to the final post, which is basically how each game was disappointing. Just to say – this whole post will probably end up sounding quite down, what with a lot of games having disappointing aspects, but I do want to say…I do like games, I liked a lot of these games, sure, but as I’ve talked about before – I try my best to judge everything I play on its own merits without history, fans, advertising spiel etc. All I try to answer is ‘was it a good game?’

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