Silent Hill 3 – Let’s Play

We’re making great progress on our own version of an “HD Collection” – a watch-able one at least, if not a playable one, as there is a fair bit of editing.

So, we’ve done Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, and Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish – with great quality, corrected aspect ratio videos, wonderful sound and Mine and Peter’s commentary. This commentary gives wonderful extra information and insight, instead of yelling and poor jokes. We also have what we call a ‘Talkie’ episode at the end of each week, where we talk about what’s been played so far.

SO, here is the first week of Silent Hill 3 – in wonderful 1080p, and yes, with corrected aspects.

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The new Let’s Play – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

So, we’re starting another Let’s Play now that we’ve finished Born from a Wish. We’re playing Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – the one really good game on the GameCube that no one played because barely anyone had a GameCube. We do have corrected aspect ratios and a nice quality, as well as Pro Logic 2 sound; but for the most part this play though is more relaxed in format.

It’s myself playing, and both me and Peter commentating, we’re a bit chatty, and sometimes the episodes over-run. But it’s all good stuff. We’re not expecting a huge amount of interest in this one, as Eternal Darkness has a bit of a smaller following that Silent Hill, so this one is more for fun, and because we really love the game.