Update to my life

I’ve had a few weeks back at University so far and I quite enjoy it, for the most part. My third year modules ‘Contemporary Social Theory’ and ‘Clinical and Social perspectives on Mental Health’ module are both really interesting and I enjoy the lectures. The third option I picked ‘Applied Cognitive Psychology’ has strangely been cancelled for the year – I should maybe assume the teacher couldn’t do it this year. So I have to pick another one right away this week. Read More

The Salmon of Doubt – Douglas Adams

Short Review! Having enjoyed previous Adams books, I was recommended one of his lesser read books. Salmon of Doubt gives a funny little insight into Douglas Adams with a collection of articles and bits and pieces written over the years. I very much enjoyed it. The end section is an unfinished Dirk Gently novel that starts off very strange and does genuinely make you wish Adams had been able to finish it.

No, no, no, no…really, I haven’t died.

I haven’t had the time, will or energy recently to make a new entry.

Long story short I’ve gone back to university for my final year of my BSc (Hons) in Sociology and Psychology, and I’ve also just moved house with my other half. Other notable events? I’ve made a Good Reads account, from which I also plan to add reviews both here and there of what I’m reading right now. I probably won’t bother reviewing things I’ve read in the past, as they wouldn’t be fresh enough for me personally to do them justice. So, here’s my profile.