The New 52 Round-up – Part Two

So, lets see if there are any more comics to talk about in this second lot, shall we?

Two big ones I wanted to mention. First is Justice League Dark and second is Hawk & Dove.

Dealing with the bad first. Hawk & Dove is…well it’s certainly something isn’t it? I shouldn’t really be surprised by how bad the art is in this but, my word, it is bad! The facial proportions are terrible – with eyes and ears too small and huge jaws all over the place. All the men have very similar faces and everyone is determined to look so ANGRY (with big angry caps lock shouting on the internet mode engaged). Is that supposed to make characters more interesting? Or is it a substitute for emotions? Ah, who knows. Either way, no more of this series for me, no thanks.

Now, the second of these two I was really surprised by. With the Justice League comics, it feels like vanilla Justice League and Justice League International have a lot of the attention and I thought Justice League Dark was way more interesting. Creepy crazy magical stuff happening and interesting main characters, with some crossover appearances by Dove (drawn much better than in her own Hawk & Dove comic), her super hero other half Dead Man (no idea really, but I’m going with it) from DC Presents Dead Man, which I also really enjoyed. The only small gripe I have with Justice League Dark is I really prefer how Wonder Woman is depicted in her own comic – on JLD she’s normal woman size and normal woman looking. But still, going to lookout for more of this comic.

A couple of final, extra mentions:

Green Arrow – was it just me, or was it trying desperately to be cool while mocking people who are desperate to be cool?
I am not convinced by the art in Green Lantern, Green Lantern New Guardians, nor Green Lantern Corps.
As a noticeable running theme I didn’t like I, Vampire‘s art either (too much 30 Days of Night slap dash crap look for my taste) but I did actually like the story.
And finally, I have no idea what the heck is going on in Legion Lost, and reading it certainly hasn’t made me care about what the heck is going on either.

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  1. Ixionyx

    Of all the continuities that needed a gentle re-introduction for new readers it is the Legion. Legion Lost is NOT the place to start with these characters. Try the Legion of Superheroes instead. I haven’t read it, but I expect it’ll be easier to follow and might help you get to grips with ‘Lost too.

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