Final Birthday Update

Had a very good evening.

Peter and Nicki came over first bearing gifts of Malibu and cake. We watched the beginning of Ponyo, which is a very cute film, and did some catching up. Then Bob and Bren arrived from their Blood Bowl league night. More talking, ordering take out and playing a little rock band.

Take out then arrived, and we played Talisman (board game), drank things, ate take out and generally had a good time. Had a Doctor Who birthday cake! Very nice, turned our tongues blue. And I won at Talisman in the end. And everyone went home. ^^

Feel slightly sick today from drinking and cake, but not too bad. And next door have moved out…so an army of builders has arrived to gut the house….they’re very noisy ¬¬

Presents for me!

As already stated I turned 21 today.

^^ Finally. So, Presents from Peter: Lush canvas bag, two boxes of Thorntons, The Salmon of Doubt and The Rise of the Iron Moon books, Ponyo on Blu-ray, some nice things from the Body Shop, and a How to Draw Erotic Manga book.

I also got 25 pound in cheque from my uncle, 21 pound in check from my grandparents and 200 from my parents. Awesome there too. ^^

And cards, and a badge, and Balloons, and Alcofrol.