Silent Hill: Spot the difference!

So, many people the internet over have commented on the ‘ice cold’ as it were opening to the new Silent Hill Downpour. Essentially, with a complete lack of build up the game tells you to kill some person you know nothing about and Murphy…does…not…care. Added to this are many instances through out the game of him commenting on stupid stuff like ‘Lame hint telling you to do something you probably already figured out’ instead of ‘Oh god, there’s a big dead mutilated dog on the bed in this hotel room *throw up*’

So, to honour this with Peter of Peter Reviews writing and my art – We’ve done a Silent Hill Spot the difference!

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A (not so) new camera

So, Peter just got a rather swish Nikon D90 DSLR camera.

This means I’ve been gifted with his older camera, the Sony DCS H50. It’s still a pretty swish bridge camera (what this means is that it has a large very capable lens stuck to it, but it’s not interchangable). I’ve been told he’ll still want to borrow it, as the Sony has some lovely features his new camera currently can’t do. The Sony manages to do close up and macro pretty well with the one lens – whereas Peter will need to buy a macro lens or macro filter. It also has a pretty nifty night mode, for taking in the dark photos.

So, while it’s a little old – it’s pretty good. We already have a little studio set-up with really bright studio lights, sheeting, tripod etc. – so I’m good for some experimentation. Now I just need to figure out how to take photos. And get a steadier hand….

Been away for a while…

So, the website has been away for a while. We were having a lot of problems with our content hosting company. It had recently changed hands in terms of ownership, and while there didn’t seem to be any malicious cutting of quality – it doesn’t seem as well turned out in terms of support. So we’ve gone to a new host. Oh well.

To make up for this long absence I’ve at least been busy making website content. I’ve completed three new pictures. The first is a portrait sketch of Sherlock Holmes from the new BBC series ‘Sherlock’ here > Link. I really enjoyed the series while it was on TV so I had to pre-order it. The pilot episode was very strange and very wrong but still Sherlock. Cumberbatch was very…neat. Read More