Podcast update!

So, the awesome team that is myself, Peter from Peter Reviews and Bren from Knights of the Black Banner have completed – a little while ago now – a podcast show where we discuss something near and dear to us, videogames!

So! Here it is on Corrosive Truths – Episode one. And here it is on YouTube. Our second episode has been recorded as of this post, and shall be edited and uploaded as and when.

And as an extra aside, here’s another peek at a banner I’ve done for the second show.

cat rushmore

Now with 100% more cat head!

A short aside.

I did another photo session today, a tea photo session! (prompted by my ever growing tea and tea paraphernalia – which is an awesome word – collection, and a super cute twining tea van miniature I got for free with some tea.) SO those photos will be up at some point and linked to.

The most recent thing I’ve started to do tea wise is make all sorts of iced tea. I bought a heat proof plastic serving jug thing from Wilkinson’s that holds about 3 generous glasses or 5 – 6 mugs of iced tea, it has a lid so I can store it in the fridge with ease.

So far I’ve made Ice Liquorice and Peppermint Tea, which was ooookay, Ice chai tea (which I made a bunch of times) which is yummy. I made iced rose petal tea earlier today, so when it’s nice and cold I shall try it out!

Other than that everything is dandy.

Alice: Madness Returns

Warning! This post contains spoilers about Alice: Madness Returns.

So, I pre-ordered Alice: Madness Returns for the PS3 a little while ago, and was really looking forward to it. I had played the original American Mcgee’s Alice, and while I only have¬†vague¬†recollections of it, I at least remember enjoying it. So, the game has been out a little while now, I finished the whole thing and it’s finally time I got around to writing down my thoughts on it.

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