A critique of current horror games

Warning – contains spoilers in regards to Dead Space, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill: Homecoming, the Penumbra series, and brief (non spoiler) mentions of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

EDIT: While I shouldn’t have to explain that a two your old post might not be as accurate as it is now then when it was written, I have even reviewed more recent horror games – Calling, for example. However, my main point still stands – true horror, rather than a shooter or anything else with a horror skin, is sadly lacking atm.

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Been away for a while…

So, the website has been away for a while. We were having a lot of problems with our content hosting company. It had recently changed hands in terms of ownership, and while there didn’t seem to be any malicious cutting of quality – it doesn’t seem as well turned out in terms of support. So we’ve gone to a new host. Oh well.

To make up for this long absence I’ve at least been busy making website content. I’ve completed three new pictures. The first is a portrait sketch of Sherlock Holmes from the new BBC series ‘Sherlock’ here > Link. I really enjoyed the series while it was on TV so I had to pre-order it. The pilot episode was very strange and very wrong but still Sherlock. Cumberbatch was very…neat. Read More