Sorcery (PS3 Move) review

The PS3 exclusive and Move selling title Sorcery from The Workshop (this is their first game) and Santa Monica Studios (of God of War fame), finally came out last month after being shown off ages ago at E3 2010. I personally was really looking forward to it. I already had a Playstation camera, and a set of Move controllers. I’d had both of these for a while and only gotten limited use out of them. I’ve played Dead Space: Extraction (oh god, that game), Just Dance 3, as well as trying a play through of Heavy Rain with the Move (though I had bought and played it separate to its Move-ness) – out of those two in a lot of ways I found Heavy Rain to be the better of the two. But anyway…

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Silent Hill: Spot the difference!

So, many people the internet over have commented on the ‘ice cold’ as it were opening to the new Silent Hill Downpour. Essentially, with a complete lack of build up the game tells you to kill some person you know nothing about and Murphy…does…not…care. Added to this are many instances through out the game of him commenting on stupid stuff like ‘Lame hint telling you to do something you probably already figured out’ instead of ‘Oh god, there’s a big dead mutilated dog on the bed in this hotel room *throw up*’

So, to honour this with Peter of Peter Reviews writing and my art – We’ve done a Silent Hill Spot the difference!

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