Let’s Play – Silent Hill 2 Born from a Wish!

That’s right, we’re back with our Let’s Plays. After a pretty long hiatus where both myself and Peter had dental surgery to remove teeth (as we both keep having too many extra grow in), we’re both very happy to finally be producing again.

So, this is the follow up to our Let’s Play of Silent Hill 2, we’re now playing the extra scenario, also referred to as the Maria scenario, Born from a Wish. Our format is still mostly the same, our player is Scott, with myself and Peter commentating.

What has changed a little is our process, we are now producing videos using Kdnlive, instead of PowerDirector. We’ve found for what we do, it’s a much better program. The technology is still mostly based on our brief but awesome pod cast set-up, where we spent under twenty pounds.

But, that’s enough chat. Here’s part one of our Born from a Wish Let’s Play.