Yet more…

…shiny new comics.

First up is the new Batwoman. In parts I think it looked really great, whenever Batwoman is drawn in costume she looks great, but at other times the art feels really lacking, and people look quite stiff. It also felt like there was a touch too much gratuitous nudity ^^ but that might be a personal preference. Story-wise the comic mostly seems to be doing a recap of old events, and at times it feels a little vague – like it would be easier if I knew any of the previous Batwoman stuff to get into it. A lot of the first comic was taken up simply by characters talking to each other and feels a little slow, adding to that was the two female characters needing to change into and then out of costume (I’m not even sure why, as I’ve said drawn out of costume they don’t look that great). Out of 22 pages of comic – that’s just comic, not advert…advert….advert, oh look another advert – 5 involve semi-naked women. And I’m not against semi-naked women, but it makes very little sense for them to do it in Batwoman. Finally, for a number 1 of a new series that’s supposed to bring in new readership it was an awful lot of talking about stuff that a new reader will not know about. But a story was started, though I’m not sure I’m going to keep buying Batwoman, we’ll have to see.



Second new comic is Batman and Robin. Now this comic on the other hand, I really enjoyed. The art is nice and dark and kind of oppressive – but I’m guessing that’s the idea. Both Batman and Robin have their issues and the comic gets on with it assuming you know who they are, it doesn’t dwell too much in the past, which I think is going to work for a lot of new comers. There’s things happening, Batman and Robin running around – all good. It isn’t as graphic as Detective comics, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I definitely see myself getting more of this series.

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin!

Finally, I did decide to go back this week and buy Action Comics (or as it says on the front Superman Action Comics, I’m guessing because having Superman on the cover isn’t enough to tell you who it’s about). I quite like the art for the most part, as opposed to all the Batman related comics I’ve been getting, the art in Action comics is nice and colourful. Superman isn’t super ultra powerful (yet?) and is treat more like a criminal by the armed forces – though the general public at least seem to like him. Then the end? It’s a dramatic cliff hanger where a dead or near dead looking Superman is left smooshed by a train. I’m guessing they’re trying to be dramatic right from the get go? Or maybe it’s just to demonstrate how not super duper ultra powerful he isn’t? Overall though it was good. One last niggle I would point out is that while it was a little longer for it’s higher-than-other-comics price of 3.99 (rather than 2.99) there were more adverts too, which is a little annoying.

Action Comics

Action Comics

So, what’s next? Catwoman, Wonderwoman, and Supergirl are all out next week. And hopefully some of those will be good, as the female-led comics are seeming a little weak so far.

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  1. Happy to see you bought more, you’ll have to bring them along Monday or something so I may peruse them. Shame you didn’t care for Batwoman, pre-reboot it was very good.

    I shall. No doubt be getting a couple more books too, so you can give them a look when you’re over next. Quite surprised you got Action Comics, especially at the artificially inflated price.

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