Things that I got…

…for my birthday ^^ I have a loverly boyfriend who made my day awesome.

Chocolate: Thorntons white chocolate continental collection, Thorntons dark chocolate with apricots bar, Thorntons milk chocolate with strawberry bar, Thorntons limited edition lemonade flavoured chocolate bar – with popping candy to simulate the fizzy-ness (it’s awesome).

Smellies: pink marshmellow bath melt from Lush, vanillary bath bomb from Lush (nom nom nom),  mrs whippy bath bomb from Lush (which broke up a little but still smells yummy), a facemask from Lush, Dove body gift set.

Other stuff:
matryoshka measuring cups (which are awesome), Alice in wonderland blu-ray, Evangelion 2.0 you can (not) advance blu-ray, costume jewellery, new shoes and monies from loverly family ^^

On the day we ate amazing food!

Breakfast: Bagels with cream cheese spread on them, with two slices of bacon inside
Dinner: Egg mayonnaise sammiches (I loves egg mayonnaise)
Tea: Chicken stir fry and birthday cake
Through-out the day snacks: Chocolates, loverly flavoured cheeses (smoked bravarian, white stilton, and doux de montagne – which was my favourite) on crackers, and some loverly sweet wine.

So, a good day! ^^ And at some point I may consider writing something game related to end the month.

One thought on “Things that I got…

  1. Sounds good. You should definitely save me some chocolate for Monday *nods sagely* because…


    Damn! I can’t think of a good reason, so enjoy your Birthday chocolate and other goodies. See you next week!

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