GlossyBox Unboxing & Catch Up May 2018 – Daydreamer Edition/2021 Update

Note: I wrote this draft post to be released when I actually got this box, in May 2018, and then in June of 2018 my partner’s son died, which was understandably devastating. I had already cancelled the subscription, but because of this I went full radio silent online – it just wasn’t as important. But at some point I have to put down what happened, and this draft has been sitting here for nearly three years – the contents are not important, it’s just the…cleaning things up finally.
Love, M

So, this is finally going to be my last GlossyBox. The May Daydreamer limited edition box contained five items (plus bonus tea bag) – a shampoo and conditioner set, jelly foot soak, makeup remover, and a lovely little eyeshadow palette from Trifle Cosmetics.

And here is the Catch Up:

I had originally planned to do a year four review, but two to three years after the fact I definitely don’t have the enthusiasm for it now, and at some point you just have to draw a line so you can move on – I don’t actually want to just mothball StudiousOctopus – I’ve used to for all sorts of things for years. I do think I’m done with my stab at being a “Beauty Youtuber” – I do still like skincare and to a lesser extent makeup as much as I used to, I just want to do other things! I’ll probably go back to posting about our Let’s Play/Gaming channel, And So Begins – which is something creative we’ve managed to keep up.

Until Next Time.

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