GlossyBox Unboxing & Catch Up May 2018 – Daydreamer Edition/2021 Update

Note: I wrote this draft post to be released when I actually got this box, in May 2018, and then in June of 2018 my partner’s son died, which was understandably devastating. I had already cancelled the subscription, but because of this I went full radio silent online – it just wasn’t as important. But at some point I have to put down what happened, and this draft has been sitting here for nearly three years – the contents are not important, it’s just the…cleaning things up finally.
Love, M

So, this is finally going to be my last GlossyBox. The May Daydreamer limited edition box contained five items (plus bonus tea bag) – a shampoo and conditioner set, jelly foot soak, makeup remover, and a lovely little eyeshadow palette from Trifle Cosmetics.

And here is the Catch Up:

I had originally planned to do a year four review, but two to three years after the fact I definitely don’t have the enthusiasm for it now, and at some point you just have to draw a line so you can move on – I don’t actually want to just mothball StudiousOctopus – I’ve used to for all sorts of things for years. I do think I’m done with my stab at being a “Beauty Youtuber” – I do still like skincare and to a lesser extent makeup as much as I used to, I just want to do other things! I’ll probably go back to posting about our Let’s Play/Gaming channel, And So Begins – which is something creative we’ve managed to keep up.

Until Next Time.

GlossyBox’s September & October!

I’ve lost track a little of posts here and there, so we’re a little behind here on the website compared to the YouTube channel.

Here is September’s GlossyBox unboxing, and the Catch Up:

The stand out product for me this box was the facial oil, despite not liking the scent hugely – it’s a bit too overpowering, as my personal preference is for relatively low scent facial products. It still makes me skin feel wonderfully moisturised and pampered, and has lasted well into the winter months since it is actually a full size product in ml, we just received one in slightly less fancy packaging than the retail version!

And then onto October’s GlossyBox unboxing and Catch Up:

In October it was very interesting to finally try a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette; while I have some of their other products, I have never tried eyeshadow and they seem like a good find! Similarly priced to MUA, they have better bright colours in my opinion, whereas MUA is more of a go to brand for neutrals and shimmers. I also loved the Lord & Berry eyebrow pencil, though it was a shame I didn’t get one with a spoolie on the end!

That’s it for this set, November’s unboxing and Catch Up will be up soon, the Catch Up is being edited now!

GlossyBox Unboxing and Catchup August 2017 – Girls Just Wanna Have Sun!

Here’s the latest YouTube and GlossyBox round up, the August unboxing…

And then the catch up a few weeks later…

This box was sadly a rare disappointment! I usually find one or two items in the box are good enough, and cost enough to make each individual box worth the price of admission. This time I only really liked the SportFX face mist and the travel Batiste dry shampoo – whose combined price was only £7.49. I hope I have better luck with the September box, which has already been dispatched, and should be here soon.

Until Next Time!

Not dead, just busy!

So little life update, we’ve been very busy and stressed with lots of different things recently. My other half was made redundant which sucks, and then started a new job! We had a lot of different things to do to in quite succession: my brothers wedding, a get together of some friends moving away from the UK, celebratory dinners for finishing exams for other people in the fam. So the website has gotten a little left by the wayside, despite the fact that videos have in fact still been being produced, both on my StudiousOctopus beauty YouTube, and the And So Begins gaming YouTube that I’m part of!

So here’s a few of my recent Beauty Videos:

And as a nice catch up on And So Begins, we’ve been playing…


Near Death…

And other good stuff!

So, now that all that hectic-ness is over and done with, hopfully I’ll be back to more regular website maintenance. Until Next Time!

February GlossyBox Videos!

Just a quick update with the links to my two latest videos which cover the initial unboxing of the L O V E edit,

And then the Catch Up, where I talk four weeks later,

And Until Next time, where I’ll be opening the March 2017 UK GlossyBox with the super awesome Sleek Palette, Ciao!

GlossyBox End of 2016!

Just a quick tidying up post for the end of 2016, with links to December’s initial un-boxing of super cool new shiny things…

…And then the Catch Up, where I give a more indepth look back after using them!

Overall the MDMflow lipstick was my favourite item in the box, it definitely stood out from all the rest, the brow powder was certainly an experience, and as usual I got a Nail Polish I might use once!

Looking forward to the new year GlossyBox, it looks to be full of things to start the year as we mean to go on – putting good things on our faces. Until Next Time!