GlossyBox August 2014 Picture Post

While I realise I’ve already done a video review, I still like taking the nice pictures and swatches of the products, so here we go – a quick picture post.


First off a lovely overview picture, with the new slightly different box, the box is slightly shorter in length, and the lid is easier to remove, I find.


By far my favourite item is the hand cream here, it smells delicious, and makes my hands feel nice. This one was a trail of only 20 ml, so only £1.73 for the size compared to the full item.


A full size Essence Cosmetics lipstick, a nice budget pink red lipstick. £2.29 and this was full sized.


Another full sized item is the highlighter which I have used a few times now, it’s nice and very easy to use (just dabbed on with the fingers) and is quite natural. £12.95 here for the full size.


And the other items! A perfume sample with packaging I didn’t like, but smelt okay, if a bit generic for the price tag at £67 for the full item, £2.68 for the trial. The Elasticizer at £38 per 250ml making the 40ml sample £6.08. And finally a nice little full sized nail polish in pink (as this box is very pink and girly) at £3.60.

So the final value of the box comes in at a little over 29 pound, (£29.33 to be exact) which as I discussed in my video is a little disappointing in terms of value. I did however, really like my box contents – I’ll be continuing my subscription and probably getting the limited edition Organic box for fashion week they’ve announced recently.

If you want a look at my full video review it’s here. That’s all for now!

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