I bake all the foods!

One of the things I really enjoy that I don’t talk about a lot is baking and cooking. I like doing it a lot, and I’m not that good at it! But still, it’s fun – and the things I make are usually okay…or at least edible.

Today I made chocolate and peanut butter brownies. They don’t look very brownie like and they got a little over cooked on top but they’re very tasty – so I have sort of chocolate-y peanut butter cake chunks with clotted cream ice cream. Really tasty…but then I think anything would taste nice with clotted cream ice cream.

Yesterday I ‘made’ mince pies. By ‘made’ I mean I bought pre-mixed short crust pastry mix and pre-made mincemeat and combined them! And they too weren’t amazing – but their problem was that there was just a bit too much pastry in the pastry-mince meat ratio, and that isn’t too hard to fix for next time (if there is a next time…)

Something I did make recently – about last week or so ago – that did turn out well was a no-bake cheesecake. It was actually pretty simple; digestive biscuits (does anyone buy these for anything other than cheesecake?) and a little butter make the base. Then two packs of philladelphia soft cheese and one small tub of double cream makes the filling. So I shall be making that again! The last time I used full fat soft cheese and it was very rich, so next time I may try half fat soft cheese. I’ll also be changing the flavouring (from a single vanilla pod in the first attempt) but haven’t decided on what to change it to. Chocolate? Lemon?

So, yes! Different baking things…I’ve been trying to expand my cooking capabilities beyond cupcakes (though I do make pretty decent cupcakes) and inflicting not very good baked ‘goods’ onto Peter.

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