GlossyBox’s November & December!

Back again with another update and upkeep post! So I am pretty much fully recovered now illness wise. Both me and my other half ended up having that quite bad flu that has been going around this year. We were sick really badly for about a week, and then kind of just an annoying lingering light sickness for pretty much a whole month now, whoosh! I am glad to be feeling a little better, and glad that it is just starting to lighten up again at night – 2017 is over, January 2018 is almost over too. Could warmer weather get here now?

November’s Unboxing and Catchup:

And then the December Unboxing and Catchup:

Out of the two boxes, December’s box really was my favourite. It was a nearly perfect box; the only downside being a Lypsyl lip balm with a really weird aftertaste but as the lowest value item in the box, it really wasn’t that upsetting! I loved everything else there though.

I have a few other recent bits and pieces up on YouTube, including the first GlossyBox of 2018 but I’ll add them in later posts…

Until Next Time!

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