Update to my life

I’ve had a few weeks back at University so far and I quite enjoy it, for the most part. My third year modules ‘Contemporary Social Theory’ and ‘Clinical and Social perspectives on Mental Health’ module are both really interesting and I enjoy the lectures. The third option I picked ‘Applied Cognitive Psychology’ has strangely been cancelled for the year – I should maybe assume the teacher couldn’t do it this year. So I have to pick another one right away this week.

I’m also really looking forward to doing my research project this year. Tentatively, I want to study how using a computer to gather data could be better or worse. I want to do this by comparing a series of real time computer interviews gathered through an MSN style program to a series of face to face interviews. 4-6 of each type. I just hope I get the interest from my project teacher.

The area has a small literature base – in computer research methods, but none that I’ve seen so far that employs this real time method. So far pros and cons wise in studies I’ve read enable a much greater amount of data gathered, but certain age groups were missing.

One of the other main issues to look at is bias. In doing research methods, we’re told the different methods have generally perceived ways of affecting data. Telephone and paper interviews do not gain anywhere near as much detail, but face to face interviews are more likely to have interviewer and interviewee bias. Anyway, there it is…

Other things…I’m a little saddened by how few and far between the people I know and like at university are becoming. If they haven’t dropped out or finished, they’re just not around any more, makes for a sad final year. I’ve also done little to no sewing drawing or creative stuff and I get the feeling the whole year will be like this – but this is more an obvious part of final year I was expecting, but it still worries me I’ll loose what small practised skill I have.

Video game wise, I bought The Last Window, a Nintendo DS game that is the sequel to Hotel Dusk. So far it’s very good. I’ve also bought the latest Professor Layton – though I haven’t even opened it yet. Ah, we also got Fallout: New Vegas (which I mostly watch Peter play) which seems very good, though it could do with less repetitive music. And Rock Band 3, which has been very fun playing with Peter and Bob…

Last minute things:
-we’re nearly all settled from moving house, there are a few bits and pieces left to do, but it feels more like home now.
-diet wise I’m trying to reign in the temptation to eat comfort food while reading social theory or thinking about research, I think it’s going okay.
-I got my hair cut, but I want it shorter…it still bugs me ^^ So, I’ll be doing that when we have more money.
-Peter had to fill in a paper student loan application this year which was silly and annoying and means he still has no money ¬¬

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