Just a Baking post.

I’ve been doing more of my own baking recently. I assume I should attribute this to watching The Great British Bake Off, the next episode of which is this evening and I am very much looking forward to.

My recent adventures include:

Making an almond and raisin tea loaf! We still have a few little slices of this left, I quite like it. If you buy any baking ingredients, you’ll know a lot of the packets come with a recipe printed on them somewhere, it’s a nice use of space and everything.

I usually never bake these, but the tea loaf was one of them, the recipe coming from the back of a packet of ground almonds, which I’d purchased to make some gluten free cupcakes (those were delish too, but ages ago.) The only change I made to the tea loaf was adding some brewed Chai tea to the mix.

Be-Ro cook book coverThen came the Be-Ro cook book, which I hadn’t used up until today.

But what I did make in the mean time was a Steak and Kidney pie. Or what I though was a Steak and Kidney pie (with left over beef from a previous beef joint, and nice shortcrust pastry) except apparently I made a Steak and Liver pie by accident and didn’t notice…

Which is a pretty special thing to do. I’m told while Steak and Liver isn’t really a…thing…they’re edible. Mmmmhhm.

Scones 1


Scones 2


Scones 3


Today’s baking is marvellously more successful. I made simple Cheese Scones – actually from the Be-Ro cook book. I’ve had one little one so far, they’re nice. I didn’t accidentally make them with some other weird-not-cheese ingredient.

The recipe is also on the Be-Ro website, under the Scones and Tea Loafs section. The only difference is I had no mustard powder, so I used a little Cayenne pepper to spice things up. It goes lovely with all things cheese. Nom.


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