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About four months ago, Peter bought himself an Apollo Transition folding bike from Halfords to get to and from work. After enjoying it for quite a while and getting more into cycling, we were pretty sure we all wanted bikes – to have fun on, to exercise without it feeling like exercise, to get to places!

Now the lovely little Apollo Transition is mine!

My bike. My precious. Etc.

My bike. My precious. Etc.

So far I really like it, It’s a bit of a strange looking thing, because it has a very small frame and small wheels, while having a long seat and handle bar stem so it’s still adult sized.

The bike came with a lot of things you usually have to buy as extras, which I really like. It has mud guards, and a rack, and a kickstand. The seat that came with the bike wasn’t very comfortable, so it has been replaced with a wider, thicker comfort seat for my wider lady butt.

Riding wise it’s nice and comfortable, smooth and the gears work fine. It does have a little trouble with steep inclines – it can’t compete with a mountain bike. But then where I live doesn’t have that much in terms of incline. However, we are going to be…attempting to ride up a nearby ‘hill’ where we live called Roseberry Topping with our bikes. We’ll have to see how it goes. SO far we’ve done two lovely rides around the riverside and bike paths in the area.



Now that I have the Transition, Peter has a more serious *puts on a frown-y serious face* hybrid bike now, a Carrera Crossfire 2. It has neat features like suspension and disc brakes and masses of gears. Disc brakes are very strange, and apparently require ‘bedding in’ or wearing in the brakes a bit before they even work properly.

Suspension is something you don’t get in the frame of a folding bike, what with it needing to prioritise being small, light and foldable. Interestingly though, I have spotted this idea on KickStarter for wheels with built in suspension – LoopWheels. I think it’s a really interesting idea. Though a bit out of my price range for two new wheels.

In other, sort of related news, the weather here is still being a temperamental beastie. It’s now June, but today is still grey and miserable and a bit wet and misty. Last week was very sunny, I’m even a little pink from when we were out. Not that that’s impressive, I catch the sun very easy.

I’m not sure how often exactly I’ll talk about biking, it is nice to do it again. I have fond memories of biking when I was younger with my mother and other family members. I’ll be posting game posts again soon enough.

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