Update-y dat-y ness

So, after writing about My Secret Garden everything around here went a bit…quiet. Over on Peter Reviews it’s also been pretty quiet…So, at the risk of this post being quite blog like – which isn’t really the direction I want for StudiousOctopus – here’s the deal.

On the 2nd of April (the beginning of this month) Peter had an operation at the Doctor’s/Clinic ‘One Life’ here in Middlesbrough to remove a Neuroma in his left foot. Which Wikipedia can give you all the technical details about. Peter’s was specifically a Morton’s Neuroma. But yeah…essentially it was a long time coming. It took about a year and a bit to get to the operation stage – through various MRI’s, and doctor visits and foot insoles and shoe changes. Peter’s been recovering for about 2 weeks now, and yesterday had his dressing (which we weren’t allowed to change) and stitches removed. He doesn’t have to have the dressing on anymore, but his foot is still very bruised and swollen, and still healing. So, he’s pretty much still sofa bound – probably for another 2 weeks.

So neither of us has really had the time or energy to devote to regular website posting this month. But things have still been happening. I’m going to be doing a post about some cooking I’ve been doing, some books I’ve been reading (yay for library memberships) and some games we’ve been playing. All in due time. Until then, bye-bye!

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