Been away for a while…

So, the website has been away for a while. We were having a lot of problems with our content hosting company. It had recently changed hands in terms of ownership, and while there didn’t seem to be any malicious cutting of quality – it doesn’t seem as well turned out in terms of support. So we’ve gone to a new host. Oh well.

To make up for this long absence I’ve at least been busy making website content. I’ve completed three new pictures. The first is a portrait sketch of Sherlock Holmes from the new BBC series ‘Sherlock’ here > Link. I really enjoyed the series while it was on TV so I had to pre-order it. The pilot episode was very strange and very wrong but still Sherlock. Cumberbatch was very…neat.

The second is from ‘How to draw erotic manga’ here > Link, and the third is a clothing design, here > Link. I’ve been doodling and drawing a lot of clothing designs these few years, I get the feeling I won’t be able to dedicate any real time to crafting until I finish my BSc.

In other unrelated news, while browsing for a whole host of nail products because I’m growing my nails long (which is going quite well so far, using OPI Nail Envy – no broken nails for a few weeks now) I came across a moisturiser called ‘Body Happy Time’, you can see it here > Link. I know it’s supposed to be a ‘feel good’ thing. But it’s promising to give you ‘Happy Time’…which doesn’t at all sound like drugs or something…

My ‘Horror Game How to’ article…thing…was going well, until the company we ordered a Wii S-video cable from failed to deliver…we’re still waiting for it. I get the feeling, looking at the feedback, that they wait until you message them saying it’s lost or something, THEN send it out. *sigh*

We’ve also made great progress in terms of moving house. We’ve paid all the fees and given a move in date for the new place. We’ve handed in notice for this place, and started to throw out things that are old/broken/useless – so we aren’t packing things we don’t need to. We move in on the 1stĀ of October. I’m looking forward to it.

Anything else to cover? I’ve seen some lovely marzipan edible art recently, from little fruit pieces to giant maps made entirely from marzipan. I want to make some. And then eat it all.


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