Silent Hill 4: Bonus Post!

One of the first in our extra videos of Silent Hill 4, this one is an extras video containing all the endings, all the hauntings, bonus trailers, extra outfits / alternative costumes, extra weapons and hidden items, Eileen possessed, and her possession speeches, one weapon and all weapon modes, and much much more.

All captured fresh in full HD 1080p widescreen with corrected aspect ratios and Dolby Pro Logic II surround where possible (some hauntings are console exclusive and one is only available in software rendering mode).

As a side note, The 7th and 8th of September 2004 respectively (console & PC) were the release dates for the US edition of Silent Hill 4, It is the 17th and the 24th for the EU, so Happy 10th Birthday (roughly) to Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Let’s Play Silent Hill 4: Final videos!

So, here we are. We finished out Let’s Play of Silent Hill 4, we got a half good half bad ending (there are a few you can get) in the end. It was great fun to play, and we’ll be doing a few extras videos of other endings, extras we didn’t show and some other fun stuff to look out for soon. This is our longest in terms of both videos and actual overall length Let’s Play.

Silent Hill 4 Let’s Play Stats:

A total of 73 videos (to SH3 42, SH2 40, SH 29)
A total of 14 hours, 55 minutes, and 29 seconds (to SH3 8 hours, 17 minutes, and 3 seconds, SH2 7 hours, 50 minutes, and 93 seconds, SH 5 hours, 22 minutes, and 93 seconds)
A total of 0 Talkie episodes (to SH3 6, SH2 6, SH 4), as we’ve dropped the talkie format
A total size of 41.3 GB (to SH3 18.1, SH2 18.2, SH 8.4)

Future wise it looks like we’ll soon be Let’s Playing The Darkness, and Silent Hill Shattered Memories. Both of these we expect to go a lot easier/quicker, as they are a lot less fiddly to set up.

But now for the videos!

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Silent Hill 4: The Room – Let’s Play parts 22 to 28!

We’ve had a bit of a break between Let’s Play vidoes, one of the main reasons for this is both myself and Peter caught the flu, and had it for about 2 weeks in total running between one of us getting better, and then the other catching up, so we didn’t really want to record ourselves with ill voices, since the only thing from us in these LP’s is our voices!

We’re now well, and recorded more. There’s also a whole new episode of Sam & Max to come soon, so look our for that too. Videos of SH4 under the cut!

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Other Interesting Videos Part II

The other interesting video I wanted to talk about real quick is Peter’s Camera Hack demonstrations.

The most recent one up on our channel is from our Silent Hill 4 Let’s Play, and I think it’s really interesting what it shows, in terms of…how they do things to put the game together.

So, here’s the video:

One of the first things in the bedroom window, where it shows how…looking outside the window works, so there’s a little box outside the window with a low resolution view, so when you click the window to actually look at it, what you’re looking at is something else, that’s rendered elsewhere, it isn’t part of the main room level/model. The same is true for the front door.

We then look through all of the pictures which is the more interesting part, the reflections on the pictures aren’t done with some fancy programmed reflective surface, there is actually just another version of the room on the other side of the picture, blurred and low resolution to look like the reflection. These extra rooms are also just the complete room, rather than specifically what the game developers were sure you’d need to see in the picture frame. These box rooms also change in colour along with the day night cycle that happens throughout the game.

Each of the rooms in the apartment exists separately, so we have the door loading thing.

We also got to see the dismembered/dis-embodied head right at the end there, and how it simply pops in and pops out when it’s in and out of view of the player (usually).

I think the room reflections part is the most interesting part, essentially. Especially compared to the previous Camera Hack video for Silent Hill 2, which I’ll add here:

In this video you can see that the whole room’s and character models are reproduced whenever there is a mirror, in actually quite high resolution. So in rooms with mirrors, there are actually two rendered rooms, and two rendered characters that you are controlling at the same time to get a really high quality mirror effect.

As an aside you can see the how to/how it was done video for the Cam Hack here.