Let’s Play – Silent Hill 2 Born from a Wish!

That’s right, we’re back with our Let’s Plays. After a pretty long hiatus where both myself and Peter had dental surgery to remove teeth (as we both keep having too many extra grow in), we’re both very happy to finally be producing again.

So, this is the follow up to our Let’s Play of Silent Hill 2, we’re now playing the extra scenario, also referred to as the Maria scenario, Born from a Wish. Our format is still mostly the same, our player is Scott, with myself and Peter commentating.

What has changed a little is our process, we are now producing videos using Kdnlive, instead of PowerDirector. We’ve found for what we do, it’s a much better program. The technology is still mostly based on our brief but awesome pod cast set-up, where we spent under twenty pounds.

But, that’s enough chat. Here’s part one of our Born from a Wish Let’s Play.

Silent Hill 2 Let’s (not) Play – final week six! (Sort of)

Our final week of playing Silent Hill 2, and it’s a fairly short one, with just three parts, the end credits, and our talkie. It’s a sort of finale, as we are going to be playing the optional scenario “Born from a Wish” which our player Scott hasn’t played either. Look forward to it soon!

We’ll be putting up a fun little teaser for the “Born from a Wish” scenario soon, so we’ll see you then!

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Silent Hill 2 Let’s (not) Play – week three!

So, we’re back again with another week of lovely Silent Hill 2 videos. We had a week long break from video uploads, as Peter caught a nasty case of the flu, and he’s our chief recording and editing guy. Thankfully, he’s getting better! This week we have lots more goodness. We finished with the hospital, lost Maria to an encounter with Pyramid Head, and returned to the streets of Silent Hill, which are now dark and changed.

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Silent Hill 2 Let’s (not) Play – week two!

So, another week…another set of lovely Silent Hill 2 videos.

A lot happened this week, in these videos, we…
…meet Eddie and enjoy the dulcet tones of him vomiting…
…put our hand in a disgusting toilet all for the sake of a few packets of bullets…
…get weird-ed out by Angela…
…wonder if James is crazy or really, really crazy…
…have a unexpected and deadly encounter with Pyramid Head…
…meet Maria…
…yell at Eddie for eating pizza…
…and appreciate Maria’s “charms”.

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Silent Hill 2 Let’s (not) Play – week one!

Our Silent Hill 2 Let’s (not) Play is now up and running. We have a whole week of lovely 16:9, correct aspect ratio, original voice cast, 1080p awesomeness. It’s gone great so far and I’m really looking forward to continuing it.

Chances are, there will be a little bit of a delay between this week and the next set off footage due to some unavoidable delays. But rest assured – we’re still doing more!

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Let’s (not) Play Silent Hill – week 4 final!

So, we have our final week of Silent Hill 1 videos! It was very fun looking back and playing it. In total we had 4 hours and 36.07 minutes of game play and 46.86 minutes of our commentary at the end of each week. I’m really happy with the quality of our let’s play, I think the videos look great. As an extra, we have a trailer of your upcoming Let’s (not) Play of Silent Hill 2 – we’re all really looking forward to this, so I hope to see you there.

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