I finally got around to playing Bayonetta from developer Platinum Games, a whole two to three years roughly after its release.

I will honestly admit that I came at this game expecting to dislike it. The character design is awful. Even getting past the fact that her head is creepily tiny – her proportions, dress and attitude all pretty much put me off…

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Luigi’s Mansion – looking back

One of the main uses I get out of our Wii is using it to play GameCube games. I had a GameCube when I was younger, and did enjoy the limited games that came out. I had the cute little purple GC, and unsurprisingly I liked the cute little disks as well. The control pad I was less enthusiastic about…with it’s strange extra Z button, and Y and X button layout. Anyway, I got ahold of a copy of Luigi’s Mansion a little while ago. It was one of the few games I remembered really enjoying and finishing for the GC so I thought I’d see how it’s aged.

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Calling (Wii) Review

So, Calling is a 2009 title from developer and publisher, Hudson Soft (notable for…well, Bomberman of all things) and is what I could call a horror game – at the end of this piece I’m going to talk a bit about the ‘survival horror’ genre as well, namely how it’s useless as the main horror genre in terms of video games. Calling is a first person, torch holding exploration adventure-y style horror game. It focus’ on game mechanics and story, and is relatively combat light. Despite this being a criticism for many reviewers, in my opinion this is a good thing – not all games need to begin and end at the combat, it’s like people have forgotten there are other types of game play. Anyway…

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