Birthday Wishes

As a quick aside, I turned 23 yesterday.

As much fun as possible was had, given my state. The day before, the 21st, I hurt my neck turning funny and it ached all day. Ah well.

Peter of Peter Reviews bought me a photo book about a very cute dog called Boo, a copy of Gormenghast on DVD which I have not seen in aaaages, some delicious Thorntons chocolates – in particular a small heart shaped box of Strawberry Marc de Champagne truffles, which are some of my favourites, a lovely set of mud face masks (one of which I’ve already used), and a selection of goodies from Lush.

With money from loving family and Peter’s family I have bought myself The Lord of the Rings Extended edition Blu-ray which I have been after for so long it’s silly. It should arrive soon. *looking forward to it*

Alongside this, I had a lovely raspberry, butter cream and Madeira sponge cake from M&S and some delicious alcohols in the form of Peach Schnapps and Ginger beer wine.

And with that, I am a year older.