End Of Year e.l.f. Haul – Including Holiday Favourites Must Have Pack

I managed to squeeze in a last minute haul at the end of the year, snapping up a few goodies from e.l.f. cosmetics and getting a nice set of items free!

This is my first time trying out buying e.l.f. from the new all in one website – they used to sell in the UK through a redistributor, but no more! They did come directly from America, so it took a little longer to arrive, but not any longer than you’d expect. Everything was nicely packaged and intact, which is awesome since some makeup can be quite fragile and it came quite a distance. I got a mix of essential restocks and some new things to try, but you’ll see that in the video above!

My next video will be the latest GlossyBox, but I’m also planning on doing another empties, and doing empties a little more frequently – so that when I do them they’re a little shorter and more watchable. Until Next Time!

Birthday Wishes

As a quick aside, I turned 23 yesterday.

As much fun as possible was had, given my state. The day before, the 21st, I hurt my neck turning funny and it ached all day. Ah well.

Peter of Peter Reviews bought me a photo book about a very cute dog called Boo, a copy of Gormenghast on DVD which I have not seen in aaaages, some delicious Thorntons chocolates – in particular a small heart shaped box of Strawberry Marc de Champagne truffles, which are some of my favourites, a lovely set of mud face masks (one of which I’ve already used), and a selection of goodies from Lush.

With money from loving family and Peter’s family I have bought myself The Lord of the Rings Extended edition Blu-ray which I have been after for so long it’s silly. It should arrive soon. *looking forward to it*

Alongside this, I had a lovely raspberry, butter cream and Madeira sponge cake from M&S and some delicious alcohols in the form of Peach Schnapps and Ginger beer wine.

And with that, I am a year older.