February GlossyBox Videos!

Just a quick update with the links to my two latest videos which cover the initial unboxing of the L O V E edit,

And then the Catch Up, where I talk four weeks later,

And Until Next time, where I’ll be opening the March 2017 UK GlossyBox with the super awesome Sleek Palette, Ciao!

End Of Year e.l.f. Haul – Including Holiday Favourites Must Have Pack

I managed to squeeze in a last minute haul last year, snapping up a few goodies from e.l.f. cosmetics and getting a nice set of items free!

This is my first time trying out buying e.l.f. from the new all in one website – they used to sell in the UK through a redistributor, but no more! They did come directly from America, so it took a little longer to arrive, but not any longer than you’d expect. Everything was nicely packaged and intact, which is awesome since some makeup can be quite fragile and it came quite a distance. I got a mix of essential restocks and some new things to try, but you’ll see that in the video above!

My next video will be the latest GlossyBox, but I’m also planning on doing another empties, and doing empties a little more frequently – so that when I do them they’re a little shorter and more watchable. Until Next Time!

GlossyBox End of 2016!

Just a quick tidying up post for the end of 2016, with links to Decembers initial un-boxing of super cool new shiny things…

…And then the Catch Up, where I give a more indepth look back after using them!

Overall the MDMflow lipstick was my favourite item in the box, it definitely stood out from all the rest, the brow powder was certainly an experience, and as usual I got a Nail Polish I might use once!

Looking forward to the new year GlossyBox, it looks to be full of things to start the year as we mean to go on – putting good things on our faces. Until Next Time!

November 2016 UK GlossyBox and Catch Up!

I thought I’d posted the November GlossyBox video, and it turns out I hadn’t! Bleugh! So here it is…

I had such high hopes – look at my smiling, hopeful face! Sadly, I think a lot of the items in this box, while not awful, were not super wow. Highlight of the box was the brush, so soft, such blending!

Next up is the neat “pick your look” Sugar or Spice December box, and I’ve already picked December – totally looking forward to that, and it should be here soon, since GB is always pretty early in December (otherwise no one would get it around the Christmas shipping dates >.<)

Until Next Time!

MUA Glitter Ball Palette Swatches and First Impressions

I thought I’d take the time to do some swatches and a mini first impressions/review of the Glitter Ball palette from MUA that I recently received in my August GlossyBox – this is the second MUA palette I’ve gotten from GB, and I think my…fifth overall MUA palette that I own, since I also buy them myself. I think MUA is a great brand overall for affordable makeup, and I like that it’s one of the brands you can go and see for yourself in person if you live near a SuperDrug.

First off, the packaging from MUA palette’s is very straight forward and fuss free. It is a fully plastic palette, with a clear front window so you can quickly see the eyeshadows inside, and the back shows the eyeshadow names, ingredients, and other basic information, with clear and easy to read white text on a dark background. The plastic seems sturdy enough for the money, and the plastic clasp that holds it shut, while a little stiff at first does soften after a few uses. You do get a little double ended eyeshadow sponge applicator inside, which I don’t think many people use these days, so to be honest MUA could probably not include that at all. There is no mirror, but that is part of what makes this palette so affordable at just £4.

Inside there are twelve eyeshadows, with a combined weight of 9.6g – which comes to 0.8g per pan, and about 2.4 grams of shadow per £1.

The first shade is Vinyl, which is a matte black eyeshadow with small pieces of white/silver glitter through out. It’s not the most fantastic quality matte shadow, but it’s not bad for the price point.

Next up is Jive, which is the second matte shadow in this palette and it is a very peach colour, with even smaller white/silver glitter. Like with Vinyl, you need a few more passes to get a good colour swatch, but it’s not bad for the money, and I think it’s a really cute colour.

Odyssey is a really beautiful metallic shimmer shadow, and is a lovely green colour that will pair well with Freak, Vibe and Equinox. MUA’s shimmer shadows are actually really lovely for the money.

Next is Freak, which is another pretty metallic shimmer shadow, this time in a light blue.

Vibe is a more blue toned green (cyan I guess?) metallic shimmer eye shadow, and like Equinox, seems to have a more pronounced metallic shimmer than Freak and Odyssey.

Finally on this row, Equinox is a bright, warm, silver metallic shadow, and can totally be used as a highlighter as well. And like all the other shimmer shadows on this row, they’re very nice quality and colour for the money spent.

The second row down starts with Fever, a nice bold pink shimmer shadow. I think I’d be most likely to use this with Jive or Boogie.

Inferno has a very different texture to all the other eyeshadows in this palette, and is kind of thicker or chunkier feeling – but for this you get a really beautiful golden bronze colour with a great pay off.

Next up is Remix, which is definitely one of the less bold shadows in the whole pan. It’s still a shimmer finish, but it’s a very neutral pinkish grey that on it’s own would look really nice and low key.

Hustle is also one of the more understated tones in the palette – a warm metallic brown, and I expect could be paired up nicely with Remix and Vinyl for a nice shimmery, smokey eye.

Next is Disco, which is a greyer, cooler toned silver – closer to a pencil lead colour, which can look very cool on it’s own, or mixed with Remix or Vinyl.

And Finally Boogie, which is a lighter more pinkinsh lavender shade to Fever’s bright pink, and would pair well with a lot of other shadows in the palette.

I already know I really like MUA’s eyeshadow palettes. They’re really great value for money for the quality of shadow you get in them, they’re not the best, but as long as you go in knowing that, I think you’ll like them. In particular this palette highlights that MUA’s matte shades aren’t amazing – I think they’re shimmer shades are much better quality.

I like the Glitter Ball palette in particular because it seems a lot more adventurous that a lot of MUA’s other dupe palettes, which are mostly selections of browns and neutrals – and once you’ve seen one, you’ve kind of seen ’em all. With this palette, you probably could do some more understated looks with just Remix, or Remix and Hustle. Or you could go bold and colourful with Fever or Freak. I also want to use Odyssey and Vibe wet as a thick upper lid liner, one blending into the other, as I think they’re such pretty colours.

Overall, I think this palette really stands out as being a bit different for MUA, and a good one to grab if you want to try a few more adventurous looks, or add some colour to your eyeshadow selection.

Here is the back close up, so you can see the ingredients etc to be able to check over. There’s nothing surprising really, the top ingredient is talc, and there are preservatives. More expensive palettes may have nicer ingredients lists, but £4 is a great price to get some nice eyeshadows to try out and have some fun with.

Until Next Time!