Let’s Play Life is Strange – Chrysalis Part 2

Time goes by, and we have another set of Life is Strange Chrysalis episodes from the YouTubes. The second episode of the game itself, ‘Out of Time’ is supposed to be out sometime this week, we’re very interested to see how it goes – will it be longer than episode one? What new choices are there? Will any of our choices from episode one really affect episode two that much? We’ll have to see.

Episodes after the cut.

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Let’s Play Life is Strange – Chrysalis Part 1

So, we’re adding a new game to our Let’s Play roster – with Dontnod’s Life is Strange. We were both very interested in this game when we heard who the developer is – 2013’s Remember Me by the same dev was flawed but worth playing. It had a rich and vibrant world and story, as well as a strong female lead, mostly held back by repetitive gameplay that focused too much on combat. Life is Strange takes a different approach with the same good points – it’s an interesting world with a female lead, and no combat. We’ll see how it goes. For now, after the cut is the first set of episodes.

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Let’s Play Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

So, we’re now doing another horror Let’s Play, the wonderful and sadly much under-rated Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. These days, because it doesn’t run ideally on modern hardware, it’s difficult to find videos of this game looking like it should, or without people complaining that it’s “buggy”.

As an aside, we’re running the game on a machine we’ve specifically kept for Call of Cthulhu – it’s an older Windows PC, running XP, with an old Nvidia graphics card. Otherwise some of the problems you can have are: the rain doesn’t render correctly, the skybox doesn’t render at all, and portions of the game that require the skybox later on to work aren’t playable. There may be more minor problems, but these are the big noticable ones.

Finally, we have the first set of episodes.

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